Parent Involvement


Parents are most welcome and encouraged to assist in classroom activities wherever possible. Many of our programs (e.g. reading, writing, ICT and excursions) are enhanced with the assistance of parents. If you are able to assist in any way, please contact your child’s teacher.

All parents who work as volunteers at the school must have a Working with Children Police Check. Volunteers must also go through the School Induction process. Working with Childrens check Forms can be completed at this website:

School Advisory Committee

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Sale are owned and operated by Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL). The board of DOSCEL is the governing authority and is committed to support and promote the principles and practise of Australian Democracy.

The Board of DOSCEL supports the establishment of an Advisory Committee for schools, which encourages partnership and participation of school, parish and the wider community in the life of the school and parish.

Governing authority rests with the board of DOSCEL.

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) operated as the principle consultative and advisory body in the school. The SAC is advisory to the principal. This body acts as an advisor on strategic planning, support to the principal, school improvement and development, policy and general leadership. The soul purpose ultimately being to serve and work towards the mission and vision of the school.

St Thomas the Apostle's Advisory Committee consists of the Parish Priest, Principal and representatives from the Parish and the School community.

St Thomas’ staff are always the first point of contact if you wish to raise a matter regarding the school’s operations, but if you would like to make contact with SAC, then feel welcome to approach the Parent Representatives and/or write a letter to the Principal requesting the matter to be placed on the SAC’s agenda.

The SAC usually meet twice a term and the Annual General Meeting is usually held in August. All parents and carers of current students are welcome to nominate for a position on the SAC. Correspondence can be addressed to “The St Thomas Primary School Advisory Committee” and handed into the office.

The current Chair of SAC is Varuni Singh

Friends of St Thomas (FOST)

The Friends of St Thomas or FOST as it is usually referred to, organises social events throughout the year. The school is deliberately focusing on developing Family Partnerships focused on the children’s learning and wellbeing.

Fundraising activities are kept to a minimum as a way of supporting families and to allow students and staff to focus on the school’s educational programs. FOST meetings and requests for parent/carer volunteers are advertised in “The Spear”.