School Attendance

  • 8.25am       Staff are on duty, students may start arriving at school from this time only
  • 8.45am       Students commence learning
  • 3.15pm       Students are dismissed for the day

It is most important that the children attend school regularly. Frequent absences do have an impact on a child’s progress at school and can result in the child refusing to attend school.

However, children who are ill should not be sent to school. They may infect others including some students who may have existing conditions for whom “ordinary” illnesses like the flu are potentially dangerous. Unless a child is ill, has an important appointment or rare significant family event or a “once-in-life-time” holiday or special occasion, it is extremely important that students attend school.

Parents are asked to inform the school if they know in advance that their child will be absent from school. For extended periods of time, such as a family holiday, permission must be requested from the principal.  Holiday forms requesting permission can be downloaded via your PAM login or obtained from the school office.  Families will be advised of the outcome once the Principal has reviewed the request.

Children who suffer a significant loss in their lives may need some time at home but generally should resume their normal routine as soon as possible.

Students who do not attend school because home learning is due, sport, concerts, excursions and tiredness, conflict with teachers or peers can lead to children refusing to attend school and is likely to make the original issue more difficult to resolve.

Parents of children who are consistently reluctant to attend school are encouraged to arrange a meeting with an appropriate staff member.

If your child is going to be absent, the school must be notified by 9.30am on the morning of the absence.  This can be done via your PAM login, a call or email to the office. Written advice also must be provided for a lengthy absence due to illness, a medical certificate from the family doctor would be appropriate.

Schools have a legal responsibility to confirm the location of each student, each day they are expected at school.  Therefore if a child is not present at school and notification has not been received by parents advising of an absence then the following procedure will be followed to ensure the safety of your children:

• SMS sent to main contacts ie parents/guardians
• If no response, a phone call is made to main contacts
• If no response, a call is made to all emergency contacts
• If no response, the school contacts Victoria Police

If you have any queries please contact the school.

The easiest method for parents to notify the school is via their Parent Access Module (PAM) login:-

School Attendance Policy