Curriculum entitlement map/information

Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting

At St Thomas the Apostle we use the Victorian Curriculum as a progression of learning.  Evidence of student learning is gathered in multiple ways (assessment and observation) and teachers work in a collaborative planning team to identify where students have grown in their learning and where they are at in relation to the curriculum.  Future learning is then planned next to meet them at their point of need. 

The Victorian Curriculum is framed around learning standards and capabilities as listed below.  Each of these have learning descriptors that identify the content, skills and processes students are required to learn right through to the Victorian Certificate of Education.  

To ensure the students have access to the domain curriculum areas of The Arts, Physical Education and Languages; teachers trained specifically in these areas meet the children weekly for a 40-minute lesson.  In 2022 this is Japanese, Sustainability, Physical Education and Visual Arts. 

For those students who require support with learning English, the English as an Additional Language Curriculum is then implemented and reported alongside the other standards in the Victorian Curriculum. Students who require additional adjustments made to the learning environment, how the learning is presented and taught, will receive this support.  Should there be a formalised process of adjustment coupled with school or external professionals, parents would work with our Inclusive Education staff and engage in Parent Support Group Meetings. 

Students are reported against the standards twice per school year (End Terms 2 & 4).  In addition to this, Student Conferences are held with the Students, Parents and Teachers in Terms 1 & 2.