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Long Term/Permanent Conditions

Parents of students with permanent medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis or ADHD who are otherwise healthy and do not present a risk of infection to others need to complete and send a Management Plan authorised and signed by a Medical Doctor to school.

The school has proformers for Asthma, Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reaction Management plans. To help the staff respond to your child’s needs promptly, please use the school’s Management Plans. It is important to keep information about your child’s medical conditions up-to-date. If there is a change in your child’s care plan or medication, you should contact the school either by phone or in person. Management Plans must also be updated every 12 months by a Medical Doctor and provided to the school.

Medication will be stored in a secure place in the office and administered by trained staff and dosages recorded in a register.

It is also important to note that you can verify and update your child's medical conditions via the Parent Access Module (PAM) since 2021.  Please login to your account to verify all records for your child.

Long Term Illness

Parents of students with long term illnesses are encouraged to contact the school to discuss ways that the child, family and school can be supported.

Short Term Conditions

If your child needs to take medication during school hours due to a short-term illness, you should talk with our office staff about the necessary arrangements and provide written instructions for storing and administering the medication. All medication must be handed in at the office and staff cannot administer medication without the completed and signed Medication Permission Form. A Medication Permission Form can be downloaded from here, from your PAM login or obtained from the office.

First Aid

First aid is administered to children at school. If the matter is considered serious, the parents, emergency contact or child’s doctor is contacted. If necessary, the child will be taken to hospital.

Families are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the Ambulance Service as parents are liable for ambulance costs in the event that the school calls the Ambulance Service for their child.


Students at St Thomas the Apostle Primary School are discouraged from sharing food as some students have been diagnosed as allergic to many common foods. It is a policy of the school that food is not to be sent to the classroom to celebrate a child’s birthday, this includes lollies and gift bags.


As part of enrolling in a Victorian primary school, or transferring between schools, you need to show your child’s immunisation status certificate to the school. Children who are not immunised can still attend school but they will still need to present an immunisation status certificate.

The Child History Statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register may be used, but is only valid if it contains the statement ‘this child has received all vaccines required by 5 years of age’. The immunisation status certificate can be obtained from Medicare online or from one of their offices.

If an outbreak of an infectious disease occurs at the school, children who have not been immunised will be sent home until the danger has passed.

Head Lice

Please refer to the attachment from the Department of Health – Treating and controlling headlice.

It is important to note that should head lice be noticed in your child’s hair, a phone call will be made requesting that the child be collected from school. According to the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009, children with head lice can be readmitted to school after treatment has commenced.

Infectious Diseases

Refer to attachment from the Department of Health – Minimum Period of Exclusion from Primary Schools.

Emergency Contacts

In cases of an emergency the school will need to contact parents immediately. Please ensure that all home, work, mobile and emergency numbers on the school records are kept up to date.

Health and Safety

Parents, families, students and visitors to the school are encouraged to report any near misses and/or hazards in or near the school grounds.

Non-Smoking Area

St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Primary School is a non-smoking area, this includes an exclusion zone of 4 metres from the school boundary.

Medical Policies

Asthma Management Policy

Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Responding to Anaphylaxis

First Aid Policy

Health Care Needs Policy

Medications Policy