Home Learning

Our School - Home Learning

At St Thomas the Apostle the children are given home learning to reinforce the programs at school. Home learning should not exceed 30 minutes per day and will be set on a regular basis during the term.

Generally, in Prep the children are invited to read for a short time each day and may from time to time be given an informal task to complete e.g. organise an item to present to the class.

In Years 1 & 2, it is most important that children at this stage do read for a short time every week day. The teachers may also assign optional tasks for the students to complete at home. These tasks may be playing card games, completing puzzles, word and memory games, cooking activities and/or researching information.

In Years 3 & 4, regular reading should continue and more formal written work may be introduced. At this level one of the home learning goals is for the students to begin to assume more responsibility for organising, completing and submitting their own home learning.

In Years 5 & 6, the aim of home learning is to provide further opportunities for the children to learn to organise, complete and submit their tasks on time with increasing independence.

The content of home learning activities may be drawn from a variety of curriculum areas such as reading, spelling, mathematics, Inquiry Learning and Religious Education.

Parents are encouraged to continue to read to their children throughout their Primary School years and to discuss any issues with the teachers regarding home learning.