Our School - General Information

In 2014, St Thomas the Apostle Primary School began with 5 classes. Two Prep classes, a Junior Learning Community (Year 1/2), a Middle Learning Community (Year 3/4) and a Senior Learning Community, (Year 4/5/6). The average class size for 2014 was a fraction over 25 students per class.
In 2016, we have 12 classes and over 300 students. There are three Prep classes, five Junior (Years 1/2) classes, two Middle (Years 3/4) classes and two Senior (Years 5/6) classes.  
The students are grouped this way to evenly spread the size of each class and to recognize that students learn at different rates. Even in “straight” classes, there is always a wide range of abilities in each area, in multi-age (or composite) classes staff are constantly reminded to cater for these differences. Having multi-age classes also enables the staff to adopt a more flexible approach to learning and teaching in a collaborative manner which will prepare the students for life in the 21st Century. 
In 2016, specialist lessons will include Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music and Japanese for each class. Classroom teachers receive additional support in Literacy and Mathematics. 
Year Levels with students who qualify for the Commonwealth Students With Disabilities program may receive additional support in a variety of forms including a Teacher’s Aide or additional support such as Speech Therapy. 
Throughout the year the teachers organise excursions and/or guest speakers as an important part of the school curriculum. 
Brendan Marrinon