Physical Education 

We have been having lots of fun in our sports lessons this year! It has been wonderful to watch the students smiling and trying their best. 

The many displays of positive sportsmanship have been outstanding and we have been reasonably lucky with the weather. Please pray for more sunshine for us. 

The Prep Community have been participating in lots of activities and games, which focus on skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. The preps have become really good at following rules and instructions in sport. 

The Junior Learning Community have been practicing their running and dodging skills. They have learnt about the importance of stretching to warm up our bodies. For the remainder of the term we will be focussing on throwing and catching and developing these important fundamental motor skills through activities and games. 

The Middle and Senior Learning Communities have been practicing their fielding and batting skills for cricket. Later this term we are moving onto invasion games such as netball. All year 3-6 children will participate in a 4 week Net, Set, Go (netball) program. 

An external netball coach will be coming in and running these sessions. The students are going to enjoy this very much so.